Happy Summer in the 70s

For tomorrow may rain, so I’ll follow the sun….(Lennon/McCartney)/the Beatles

Summer is here officially, and its 70 degrees out.  Coldest we’ve had in about 6 weeks.  Everyone wants to see homes, buy homes, and all the agents I am dealing with are idiots.  Life is a drag right now.

I’m trying to stay chipper about it, and as I pop my ibuprofen and try to relax…I’m just happy to be alive.  I know my to do list is a mile long for tomorrow.  I will be expected to make miracles happen.  I was supposed to have 3 closings this week, and now I will be luck to have one.  I’m not interested in worrying about it, but my brain sure is.

I told BD I need a vacation.  I work 14 hours/week, and I truly need a vacation.  Every time my phone rings, I am nervous its a client or future client.  I’m nervous to answer right now.  I’m nervous its a problem.

Playing music on Pandora and a magical song like “I’ll Follow the Sun” pops up on my thumbprint radio station.  It makes me feel good, even though the sun isn’t out.  (I can’t handle the sun anyways, but its always so nice to feel on my skin).

Life was just easy now for the last 3 minutes.

The power of song.


Did you lose a bet? New Kids on the Block

And, now, I’ve just added another band to my Pandora.  If someone looked at my list of “stations”, you might think I was out of my mind.  I just added New Kids on the Block after going to their Total Package Tour in Indianapolis this past weekend.

When I told my boyfriend I was going to this concert, he said, “Did you lose a bet or something?”  He thought I was joking.

Considering I grew “out” of NKOTB fever sometime in the 9th grade, its been 30 years since my love of all things Joey and “Please don’t go, Girl” started making me who I am today.  I kinda forgot about NKOTB until I saw they had a concert coming up.  I never had the opportunity to see them live.  God knows we all tried…but being in 8th grade and the closest venue was in Chicago…with no money, it made it hard.  We tried to win tickets on B96 radio station. I remember my mom trying to get tickets so we could see them on Oprah…that didn’t go anywhere.  We would record the radio and wear out our cassettes and dream of the day we could see them live…like they would magically pick us out of the crowd and fall in love and boom! it would be just magical.

I don’t know what I was thinking…I was a silly young 12 year old, lol.  I didn’t know much more than maybe getting a kiss would be heaven.  I didn’t know what came after kissing, lol.

I can say, though, I felt bad at the concert when I realized this band grew up and they had songs after I stopped listening to them.  They got married, they had kids, and they lived on.  They had a sense of humor.  They worked their butts off.  I have just become a fan again– but I don’t want to call myself a blockhead, though.

I guess my point is that I forgot about NKOTB–and remembering was wild to my mind– letting that little 13 year old girl out for a bit, remembering what was important in my life back then, compared to now.  And, it also made me think of how music has made such an impact on me through the years—thus, I decided to start a blog.  My dearest BD (big daddy, for those that don’t know, my boyfriend) calls me a music snob and I think, when I let out how much of a NKOTB fan I was in 1988—possibly made him wonder about my music roots.  But, and I know I’m a tangent runner…these guys came back and came back big.  They made their dreams come true again.  What are my dreams and there is no reason not to achieve them.  They have given me hope.  Now, just to find myself *while “Adult-ing“.